Daniel Pearl


Many of the world’s lead international news stories emerge each day from the Middle East, shaping public perceptions and impacting decision-makers across the globe. However, the coverage often lacks balance, context, nuance and depth. There is a pressing need to elevate the quality of journalism in this troubled region. The Daniel Pearl International Journalism Institute (DPIJI), founded in 2013 by the Interdisciplinary Center (IDC) in Herzliya, Israel, in partnership with the Daniel Pearl Foundation, aims to set a new standard for journalistic excellence in the Middle East.


The Mission

Based in one of the world’s most complex, conflict-ridden regions, the Daniel Pearl International Journalism Institute aims to advance the quality of journalism in the Middle East and to promote informed, balanced and insightful reporting on the region.

The Inspiration

In 2002, Wall Street Journal South Asia Bureau Chief Daniel Pearl was on his way to an interview when he was abducted and later murdered by terrorists in Karachi, Pakistan. The stories he left behind — and the honest, unbiased spirit in which he told them — have made him an enduring symbol around the world for journalistic integrity and respect for all cultures. The admiration Daniel earned has set the stage for the Daniel Pearl International Journalism Institute to be a center of excellence for reporting on the Middle East. The Institute will draw together leading international journalists, top experts, scholars and thought leaders to foster a better understanding of this diverse and tumultuous region in the media.



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