DPIJI hosts The Peace Factory

  • November 12, 2015

DPIJI hosted JouJou, a German Palestinian, and Ronny Edry, an Israeli graphic designer, from The Peace Factory organization to discuss their way to connect people around the Middle East through social media with messages of love and accepting the other.

In March 2012, as war between Iran and Israel seemed imminent, Ronny Edry (graphic designer) posted a photo of himself and his daughter on Facebook with the caption: “Iranians, we will never bomb your country. We <3 (love) you.”

This message of hope immediately went viral and gained international notoriety. It gave birth to the ISRAEL LOVES IRAN Facebook community – where people from across the region and the world called for peace, not war. ISRAEL LOVES IRAN later spawned a series of satellite communities and the WE LOVE YOU movement was born.

In early 2013, an umbrella body was established – THE PEACE FACTORY
Its purpose is to be the engine and fuel behind the WE LOVE YOU communities, that connects people around the Middle East, giving them a face and a voice in order to promote peace in the Middle East through social media.


JouJou (Joana Osman) – a German-Palestinian, her grandparents fled during the Nakba and since the conflict has shaped her whole life since she can remember, she felt obliged to create the ‘Palestine Loves Israel’ Facebook page in order to focus on friendships rather than on violence.

Ronny Edry –  a graphic designer, lecturer, father and frequent Facebook updater.