Full Semester Course on Daniel Pearl Legacy:

A full semester course on issues relating to the journalistic coverage of combat zones will be delivered by leading experienced international journalists. This course will introduce the journalism and communications students to the journalists’ professional dilemmas in covering war zones.

Special introductory Lectures on Daniel Pearl work and Legacy:

All first year communications students at IDC both in the Hebrew track and the international track will be introduced to Daniel Pearl Legacy. A special lecture syllabus was prepared by Ilene Prusher (the author of the book” The Baghdad Fixer”) who covered Pakistan and Afghanistan for the international press at the same time Daniel Pearl covered the area for the Wall Street Journal in 2002.

Special Conference Panels:

Special panels on Journalism in combat areas will take place in three annual conferences:

  • Conference on Digital Journalism – Issues related to the coverage of was zones by new media channels will be discussed. March 2015
  • Conference on Digital Radio – Issues related to the coverage of was zones by new media audio channels will be discussed. March 2015
  • The Herzliya Conference – The Annual Israeli Strategic conference –Major leading International Journalists will discuss strategic issued faced by international media coverage of war zones. June 8 2015